Digital Signage

Create a video wall as large as you choose (unlimited scalability), attract attention with a large-scale display, impress with one-billion-pixel resolution and easily change content.

“Visitors remark on the beauty of the presentation, its visual impact, and the emotional connection that is created between the visitor and the stories presented on the video,” said Melanie Poole, Communications Officer with the American Village Citizenship Trust.


Communicate important information, messages and updates: Impart information to your viewers in an impactful way using video, images, text, light and sound.

Promote your brand: Make a statement with a large, high-resolution display.

Attract attention and be seen: Choose a size for your system that works for your space. Hiperwall offers unlimited scalability; it can be built to any size. As a large, impressive display with bright, bold colors and high-resolution clarity, Hiperwall can’t help but attract attention, especially when dynamic, creative content is used.

Easily change content: Don’t throw out your static display when changes are needed; set up a dynamic display. Hiperwall software lets you change the content at any time, in seconds.

Make the video wall part of the experience: Use Hiperwall software to display content that engages, informs and entertains. The creative possibilities are unlimited!

Influence shopper behavior: Attract attention to your products and special offers with one-billion-pixel resolution, multiple sources of content (video, images and text, etc.) and the ability to show different content on different parts of the wall at the same time. (Many video walls used in retail can only show one piece of content on the video wall.)

Digital Signage Case Studies

Digital Signage Applications

  • Convention Centers
  • Amphitheaters
  • Hospitality
  • Museums
  • Entertainment
  • Public Information
  • Stadiums
  • Venues
  • Retail Stores
  • Interactive Signage
  • Digital OOH