Engage, inform and entertain an audience, make the technology a part of the experience, and attract attention and be seen.

“Hiperwall gives our creative team state-of-the-art digital content capabilities like no other solution available on the market.” – Blue Man Group


Engage the audience: Keep their attention with bright and bold content in high resolution. Show many sources of content at once, including text, 4K movies, still images and animation.

Inform the audience: Display real-time information and live video, such as for newscasts.

Entertain the audience: Use Hiperwall software’s flexibility to let your creative juices flow. You can display anything on a Hiperwall enable video wall that can be shown on a regular PC. Hiperwall becomes a larger creative canvas for you to fill. If you can create it, you can show it with Hiperwall software and put it “up in lights” on a large display in one-billion-pixel clarity.

Make the technology part of the experience: Hiperwall software not only works with video walls, but it can also display content using Direct View LED, projectors and various types and sizes of monitors -- the creative possibilities are unlimited. Draw your audience in with lights, sound, high-resolution imagery and video.

Attract attention and be seen: Choose a size for your system that works for your venue, stadium, amphitheater or convention center. Hiperwall software offers unlimited scalability; it can be built to any size. As a large, impressive display with bright, bold colors and high-resolution clarity, Hiperwall enabled video walls can’t help but attract attention, especially when dynamic, creative content is used.

Entertainment Case Studies

Entertainment Applications

  • Venues
  • Broadcast and Production Sets
  • Auditoriums
  • Stadiums
  • Casinos
  • Concert Halls
  • Fairs