About Our Culture

At Hiperwall, we're not out to change the entire world. Just the world of video wall systems.

And as we all know; real change starts from within.

At Hiperwall, the people who work here are truly our instruments of change.

Our innovative spirit and technology-driven solutions attract some of the best and brightest from the business, technology and academic sectors. Co-founders, scientists, engineers, developers, sales executives, HR, accounting, interns and PR/marketing types all come to us with experience at places like Google, Disney, Toshiba, Cisco, The University of California, just to name a few.

Oh, sure, we may dress a bit more casually, but we’re intense about our work and what we do. We support the behaviors and skills in fellow team members that, in turn, support breakthrough ideas and fresh, innovative thinking. And, of course, we do all of that with a fully-stocked employee break room.

Hiperwall has not become the most powerful, software-driven video wall system available today all by itself. It’s our people who make our products and solutions more scalable, more flexible and definitely more affordable. It’s our people who always keep the satisfaction of our end users, distributors and resellers top-of-mind. And it’s our people who make Hiperwall a great place to work.

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