HidraLink Software 

The simple way to show and control video wall content.


About HidraLink™ Software

Hidralink offers organizations a simple way to show and control content on any locally attached display. This low-cost software solutions allows users to send individual desktop applications, rather than a full screen scrape, to up to 8 HDMI displays.

HidraLink Features

  • Easily send desktop applications to various displays that are not in line of sight.
  • Mini-map user interface to manage applications on displays from control point.
  • Interact with applications from control point and have changes reflected in real time on displays. (Application mirroring)
  • Maintain separate workflow on control point PC while applications send to displays in the background.
  • Ability to set up local work-site communications with multiple HidraLink systems
  • Screen layout flexibility. Displays can be set up in portrait or landscape mode.

Most Common Applications

Lobby Displays: Keep your employees informed.

Digital Signage: Signage throughout a building can be managed from a central control point.

Emergency Field Response: Easily take HidraLink from the office into the field to deploy a portable 2x2 video wall in a mobile environment to monitor various applications.

Retail/QSR: Manage digital menu boards and advertisements to improve customer experience.

Statistical Analysis/Data Monitoring: Deploy and update content such as financial/stock data, social media feeds, and business data to displays in the appropriate departments from a central location.


Design Notes

HidraLink allows you to show different pieces of content on each display such as safety information, company guidelines, or welcome signs. It also allows you to show a single piece of important content, such as enhanced digital signage across all displays.