HidraLink Software 

Displaying Thermal Heat Detection. 


About HidraLink™ Software

For organizations that need a simple way to show and control content on any locally attached display, HidraLink by Hiperwall provides a low-cost content display solution. HidraLink sets itself apart from other CMS and digital signage solutions with its direct-connect architectural simplicity and operator ease of use – without expensive and complex cloud servers.

HidraLink Features

  • Easily send desktop applications to various displays that are not in line of sight.
  • Interact with applications from the control point and have changes reflected in real time on displays.
  • Maintain separate workflow on control point PC while applications send to displays in the background.

As thermal screening becomes the new norm due to COVID-19, make sure your business or organization is prepared to meet the safety needs of employees and customers.



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Design Notes

HidraLink allows you to show different pieces of content on each display such as safety information, company guidelines, or welcome signs. It also allows you to show a single piece of important content, such as output from a thermal camera or enhanced digital signage across all displays.