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Choose Assets That Grow With Your Business | Hiperwall Video Walls

Nov 18, 2020 2:28:37 PM


In the business world it’s rare that you can purchase an asset that configures to all of your needs, will grow with you as your needs change, and is being constantly improved and updated over time. Consider some of the equipment or items that businesses purchase for operation: furniture, renovations to their property, property design, etc. In each of these cases the company has a sizable outlay of cash to purchase items that last a few years and then need to be replaced. If a company buys a couch for their waiting room, that couch will last for three, maybe five years, before it needs to be replaced due to being worn out or out of style. The company can’t add on to the couch or download an update for it; the couch is either in style and desirable or it’s old and now unwanted. And the same goes for artwork that a company might put throughout their building or space. Eventually they will tire of the art. It’s not going to change or evolve, they’ll either lose interest or the art will go out of style and it will need to be replaced. They won’t have any way to recoup their investment because they’ll have to give away the art or donate it.

Even though we’re a little biased, that’s why we think video walls powered with Hiperwall software are genuinely an asset for your business. We say that because video walls are the way of the future and they can’t go out of style because you get to choose the content that you put on the video wall. The monitors in the wall are like a canvas, and your company is the artist. With you in charge of what you want to put on your LED video wall, you’re able to capitalize on a blank slate to send new messages as your tastes and preferences change.

And more than being just an asset, Hiperwall video walls are an asset that will evolve to your needs and can be configured over time. Let’s say your company is just beginning to really take off and you’ve decided that a video wall fits your needs to communicate messages to your team and enhance the image of your space. Hiperwall has incredibly cost-effective solutions for a 2x2 video wall that can be your starting point. You can show some static content with the aim of boosting employee morale, and even connect a few sources of dynamic content to the video wall.

As your organization grows and you want a larger video wall in an auditorium for company wide meetings you can now add additional monitors to your first 2x2 video wall and grow it 4x to a 16 monitor, 4x4 video wall. Hiperwall’s architecture is such that you can add licenses to your existing system without needing a complete overhaul, which isn’t exactly common in the video wall industry. Most of the larger, traditional video wall companies in the industry that Hiperwall is disrupting have a fixed system; when you want to change the system, you have to replace everything you had before rather than going through your existing system and tailoring it as your needs change. Talk about a sunk cost.

Overall, it’s important to buy assets that will grow with you over time, not just depreciate until you can’t use them anymore. For assets that will appreciate and grow with your business, choose Hiperwall.

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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