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Game Changing Features that Revolutionize the Video Wall Industry

Feb 21, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Game Changing Features that Revolutionize the Video Wall Industry

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, “8 Game-Changing Ideas That Could Revolutionize Their Industries,” John Hall said of all the “wow” moments, the most exciting for him are the ones that actually innovate their respective industries.  Hiperwall has just done that: it has developed some game-changing features with the new Hiperwall Premium video wall controller software and sets a new benchmark for competitors. Designed with fault-tolerance built in, future-proof expansion, and limitless resolution, Hiperwall Premium Suite is budget-friendly because it does not require expensive proprietary hardware. 
The Hiperwall system is 100% software with a simple user interface designed for non-technical users. It does not require specialized servers or switches which helps customers to reduce costs, complexity and power usage while providing the greatest configuration flexibility.  It also features ultra high resolution display control with scalable size that can support a combination of objects including still images up 1GB resolution, HD and UHD videos, streaming content and PC applications.  

The key benefits that differentiates Hiperwall Premium Suite from the competition:

•    Future Proof:  A customer can enlarge their existing video wall without investing in new proprietary hardware.
•    Limitless Resolution:  Hiperwall Premium Suite is the only software product that can display high-resolution content, even gigapixel content, at an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels.
•    Budget Friendly:  You can start small and expand with any of today’s standard displays and PC systems.  There is no need to buy expensive proprietary hardware.
•    Fail Safe: With two control points working simultaneously the video wall is protected from down time.  If one system goes down for any reason, the other takes over seamlessly.
•    A Digital Canvas with No Boundaries:  An easy browser-based, drag and drop interface allow users to place content on local or remote LED video walls as well as size and change the parameters of the content within the video wall.   

The ability for Hiperwall technology to enable users to view large amounts of information from a virtually unlimited number of sources via an Ethernet network makes the Hiperwall Premium Suite software uniquely suited to meet the visual communication requirements of multiple applications.  Hiperwall Premium Suite is well adapted for command and control centers, customer support centers, distributed network operations centers (NOCs), security operations centers, data centers, digital signage, education and for presentations of high-resolution images in science, medicine or urban and rural planning.

Hiperwall Premium Suite’s easy installation, usability and low cost make video wall technology more affordable than ever for companies of all sizes.  If you have not checked out the Hiperwall Premium Suite for your video wall, you have not done your due diligence. 
Why Hiperwall Premium Suite is the Best Video Wall Solution

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