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How to Make an Impression With Your Corporate Lobby

Aug 31, 2020 10:31:35 AM

Lobby Wall

When Hiperwall advises clients and partners on building video walls, a lot of the fundamentals remain the same in terms of hardware setup, content to be displayed, and the configuration of the environment. However, each video wall application has its own best practices and we thought it would be best to lay out more specific guidelines for each application as people design and install video walls. In this segment we are going to cover the ins and outs of video walls for corporate lobbies.

A corporate building’s lobby is a nearly sacred design element. The lobby is the environment that sets the tone when employees enter work for the day, and it’s the note they leave on when they go home after a long day’s work. A well-designed corporate lobby means the difference between a deep breath and a long drink of coffee as employees and vendors prepare to enter the work environment, or a smile and optimistic perspective about the opportunities for the day. If that sounds too flowery or dramatic, it’s probably because you haven’t seen how much of a difference a corporate lobby can make.

At the beginning of a video wall project for corporate lobbies, we advise our partners and customers to view the lobby as an opportunity to either educate or entertain the folks that walk through the door. Almost all content falls into these two broad buckets. You’re either getting their attention and making them feel good, or you’re getting their attention because you want them to absorb a message. And if possible, we like our customers to do both. Keep these two buckets in mind as you move on to the next step, which is where the video wall will be located.

We prefer to put the video walls in a central location of the lobby, and ideally visible to folks even before they walk into the building. If you can see the video wall through the doors of the building before walking in, you will already be paying attention to what’s on the video wall as soon as you walk through the door. And we suggest raising the video wall off the floor if possible. You want the displays to stand out; too low and a crowd can block all of the content, too high and the content can be hard to consume or the video wall can be missed altogether.

As far as the hardware you will need for the video wall in your corporate lobby, we don’t think anyone should be using less than 9 monitors, laid out 3 wide and 3 high, if they can avoid it. Using less monitors limits how much you can educate and entertain your audience, and the whole goal of the video wall is to maximize that engagement. We’ve found that 55” monitors from our partners NEC, ViewSonic, and Planar are the most reliable and valuable monitors on the market and we usually advise our customers accordingly.

The content on the video walls is king. Above all else, the content you are displaying and the software you are using to display the content, Hiperwall video wall software, are the most critical component of the lobby video wall to get right. For the educational content for the video wall we suggest our clients and partners generate this content internally and then display it. This could be a message from senior leadership that greets folks in the morning, it could be bullet point company updates, or the business’s recent successes or stock ticker update. People also like to know what’s going on in the world, we think it’s helpful to put up a politically neutral TV talk show that shows the recent developments in the financial markets to keep everyone informed. And for the entertaining content, that varies based on the company and their culture. The safest and surprisingly most entertaining content we have seen our customers succeed with are photos and videos of nature. The Hiperwall software does a tremendous job displaying natural phenomena like waterfalls, lightning storms, forests and jungles and these natural elements are remarkably effective at holding the attention and interest of visitors and employees alike. Plus, nature is soothing. It’s one more way to relax your employees and partners before they go in to work with you.

To recap the general guide we’ve laid out in this post: commit to providing a corporate lobby experience that sets you apart from every other corporate building around the world, seek to educate and entertain everyone that walks through the door, pick reliable hardware that will deliver your message, and be thoughtful in picking content that your workforce will value seeing every day. Use Hiperwall software to tie these elements together and deliver a message that can’t ignored.

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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