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Is Your Digital Content Boring Your Audience | Video Wall Solutions

Mar 5, 2020 12:27:54 PM


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Part of the fun that Hiperwall has in working with so many successful corporations throughout the United States and around the world is the creativity that we get to be a part of. We get to bring ideas to life and engineer seriously impressive visual solutions for our customers.

A major part of the brainstorming and creative process is working with the clients to figure out what content they want to display on their LED video walls. Sometimes they have an exact idea of what they want to show, but so often the answer we hear is: “We want to show X,Y, and Z…and we really don’t know what to show past that.” Which is okay. Fortunately we have helped thousands of clients by advising them on the best media to display and in this post I want to break down the types of digital media we recommend to clients based on their needs.

The first type of digital media that is usually a component of a solution is media for the corporate entry lobby wall. This is a major missed opportunity for so many clients who design this space with the preconceived notion that they’ll just put up a static image of the company’s logo. One of the biggest keys to success when it comes to designing a video wall for the entry lobby is picking engaging and educating media. For entry lobby video walls we recommend one display playing something informative, and always in a video format; this could be a news channel, or an internal company promotion that updates visitors and employees about the company’s direction and vision. On another display we recommend they show analytics of some sort; company stock price, industry related news feed aggregated from online, or other industry specific content.

And if the client is not interested in analytical and educational content, then we recommend they display custom media such as waterfalls, changing scenery, or some of the incredible videos of nature that one might see on a TV show like Planet Earth. Videos of this stunning natural content bring peace and serenity, infused with a sense of awe, to the lobby and are a great tone to set.

Throughout the corporate space or campus there are even more opportunities to display valuable digital media for the workforce. One of the most effective use-cases we have seen for a client of ours was when they had various 2x2 video walls throughout their office space with each video wall signifying the employee of the month for that department, the title of the department, and then a slideshow of the initiatives and metrics the department was pursuing. With this digital media the department was able to recognize its own employees while still facing forward to pursue the future, all in an engaging medium. As humans we will always pay attention to the most engaging medium. A piece of paper or banner simply does not have the same effect that a high-resolution display will have.

Digital media is the digital communication that your enterprise is putting forth to all employees, customers, and vendors that enter your space. You can’t afford to skimp on the content you show, otherwise you’re leaving so much potential on the table. Invest in engaging digital media while being mindful of the environment you want to display it in. You have no idea how much of an impact the right communication and media can make on your organization.

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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