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Hiperwall Development Team Year in Review 2021

By Dr. Stephen Jenks Co-Founder / Chief Scientist on Jan 4, 2022 10:45:39 AM

With the challenges of the global pandemic, the team mostly working from home, travel restrictions, and component shortages delaying installations, the Hiperwall development team had a banner year producing three important product releases! Our team’s ability to remain productive while working remotely is a testament to the team’s creativity and drive and the commitment of everyone in the company. Since we make video wall software, we need access to specialized equipment, including well-configured networks and video walls for testing, neither of which tend to be in most people’s homes. Remote access, cameras, and some trips to the office allowed the team to perform excellent work under austere conditions.

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Notice: Hiperwall Not Impacted by Apache Log4j Security Flaw

By Dr. Stephen Jenks Co-Founder / Chief Scientist on Dec 23, 2021 10:43:31 AM

While the recently exposed flaw in the open-source Apache logging library Log4j remains a global cybersecurity threat, Hiperwall customers and partners can rest assured that Hiperwall software has never utilized any open-source Java libraries, including Apache Log4j.

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