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We specialize in software for highly interactive video walls.

From control rooms to research centers, organizations around the world use Hiperwall Software for their critical collaborative visualization needs. Designed to facilitate critical decision making, our flexible software is perfect for any interactive video wall from the smallest to the most complex. 

We provide software applications that manage the input, control and output of a video wall system. We also provide a powerful solution for sharing and collaboration among systems.  

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Hiperwall's controller software provides the power, flexibility and ease-of-use you need to set up and manage a video wall of any size, from conference rooms, collaboration spaces, or classroom to mission-critical applications in large control rooms.



Hiperwall Premium Suite is a complete control solution for a fault tolerant system.


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HiperController Software controls what, where, how and when content is displayed. The user interface shows you a representation of your entire system. As you add, move, resize and change content on the user interface, the same things happen on your video wall in real time. 


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The HiperOperator Application provides remote access to your video walls from PCs and mobile devices such as Windows/Linux tablets, so you can support and manage your video wall anywhere, anytime.
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Input and Output

Pull content from just about any source -- static images, IP cameras or streaming from the Internet. Display it easily anywhere on your video wall using HiperSource and HiperView software.



The HiperSource Family delivers live content to the video wall whether it’s from desktop capture, IP camera streams, capture card input or video files. HiperSource software allows you to view almost any application running on almost any computer. There is no need to modify your existing hardware or software. The content can be delivered from any source across the Internet and on the local network.

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HiperView Software powers the video wall's monitors or display devices that show content to the viewer. Each display is managed by an ultra-small, low-cost, display-attachable computer running HiperView software.

HiperView is available in HD and UHD versions.
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HiperController Add-Ons and Collaboration

We offer several optional software components you can purchase separately to add additional functionality to your video wall system. These include useful add-ons to the controller software and HiperCast sharing and collaboration software.

HiperController Add-ons

Add-on Software

Our HiperController add-ons include fault tolerance capability, user access control, extra layout features, KVM capabilities and more.  

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HiperCast Software


HiperCast Software enables users to share live feeds, information and other content between Hiperwall systems located around the world. With HiperCast software installed there are many exciting possibilities for enhanced communication and collaboration. For example, content can be shared quickly between multiple locations or divisions of a large company or organization.

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