Video Wall Solutions


Video Wall Solutions

Video walls are used for a variety of applications. These can range from simple digital signage to highly complex command and control centers. Hiperwall software is uniquely designed to meet the needs of all these solutions. 


Command and Control

Command and Control

Make the best decision in the shortest possible time.

Gain valuable situational awareness of any emergency situation by seeing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, simultaneously on a single, centralized platform.

Deploy Hiperwall software in mission critical environments where missing or incorrect information could lead to severe damage of property, substantial costs to infrastructure and potential loss of life. 

Security Operations Center

Advanced Analytics

Make the most impactful decision considering all the data.

Information and data is vital to successful businesses and organizations today. In order to absorb and analyze the massive amounts of data available, business teams benefit from aggregating their analytics tools in one interactive dashboard.

Key metrics such as financial or sales data, market research data and trends, business logistics, distribution channel information, project management statistics, social media monitoring and real-time company incident reporting gives organizations a significant edge over their competitors.

Security Operations Center
Huddle Room

Visual Collaboration

Enable learning and decision making, and increase productivity.

Huddle rooms, conference rooms, classrooms are all places that benefit from a video wall. With Hiperwall software powering your video wall, you can load up as many sources as you need to gain insight and solve problems, and share content easily using Hiperwall’s intuitive control panel. 

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Advanced Digital Signage

Communicate important information, messages and updates.  

Inform, entertain, and educate audiences about valuable information and data through a stunning, ultra-high resolution visual canvas.

Presentations, live news, internal dashboards and applications, training information, and advertisements -- display unlimited sources of information and manipulate them easily with Hiperwall's powerful video wall controller software.

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Live Audience Presentations

Wow your audience with rich media content in unlimited resolution.

For company meetings and entertainment events, bring many sources together in exciting presentations. Easily manipulate content for a stunning display.