Trademark Information

Hiperwall owns many registered and unregistered trademarks and slogans in the U.S. and/or other countries. Listed below are Hiperwall’s logos, trademarks and slogans with the appropriate trademark symbol under U.S. law. Hiperwall's trademark rights may differ in other countries and the trademark laws of those countries should be followed when marking with the appropriate trademark symbol.

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The Company

  • Hiperwall®
  • Hiperwall is a registered trademark of the University of California and used under license.



The Overall Product Line

  • Hiperwall® software


  • Hiperwall® Premium Suite
  • Hiperwall® Core Suite


  • Hiperwall® Premium Management Software
  • Hiperwall® Core Management Software
  • HiperView software
  • HiperSource software
  • HiperOperator software
  • HiperCast software


  • SmartSnap

Tag Line

  • See the Big Picture®