Hiperwall: The Leader in Video Wall Innovation

Hiperwall began as a research project funded by the National Science Foundation at the University of California, Irvine in 2004. It was built to enable scientific visualization on an unprecedented scale and showed imagery and data sets that measured hundreds of millions of pixels and gigabytes of data.

Hiperwall pioneered distributed visualization architecture for video walls and was the first to market with an AV over IP-based infrastructure. Our innovative video wall software provides complete flexibility to optimize your collaboration spaces.

12 years of experience.

Over 3000 installations in 71 countries.

Largest video wall control room installation in the world.


Our Video Wall System Solves Key Challenges

Video walls powered by Hiperwall are designed for to meet the following key challenges:

Decision Making 

Our video wall system displays all information needed to make critical decisions quickly.

Gain enhanced situational awareness of any incident by viewing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, simultaneously.


Collaborate with remote locations for comprehensive situational awareness.

Hiperwall’s video wall system shares live feeds, displays real-time data, and other content between your other Hiperwall video wall systems located around the world. Keep global facilities and teams up-to-date with coordinated efforts.



Facilitate collaboration and cooperation among teams for increased productivity.

Share content easily with Hiperwall’s intuitive control panel. Visualize information from many sources to gain insight and solve problems.


Deliver impactful messaging and stunning presentations with ease.

Impart up-to-date business information, market developments, goals, and news to your audience in an impactful way using a variety of content sources to fit your needs.


Industry Solutions

Highly-interactive video wall controller software from Hiperwall can benefit a variety of industries and services. 

control room

Powerful Command and Control

  • Make critical decisions in the shortest possible time
  • View unlimited sources simultaneously for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Collaborate across the room or around the world.

Video walls for:

Control Rooms – Fusion Centers

Security Operations Centers


Displaying Advanced Analytics

  • Make informed decisions considering all the data.
  • Display complex, detailed data for all analysts and management personnel.
  • Eliminate information silos.

Operational Analytics Rooms – SCADA Rooms

Network Operations Centers – Smart City Centers


Improved Visual Collaboration

• Share content easily with an intuitive video wall control panel.

• Visualize information from many sources to gain insight and solve problems.

• Facilitate decision making and increase productivity.

Huddle Rooms - Conference Rooms – Classrooms - Control Rooms

Wingwall 2

Enhanced Digital Signage

Make an impact!

Deliver impactful messaging using a variety of rich media content.

Display updates and announcements to both employees and customers.

Lobby Video Walls -- Digital Signage -- Digital Menus


Wingwall 2

Live Audience Presentation

  • Wow your audience with rich media content in unlimited resolution.
  • Bring many sources together in exciting presentations.
  • Easily manipulate content for stunning displays.
Company meetings -- Entertainment -- Classrooms
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