A video wall platform for the work that matters most.

From police department command centers to sophisticated research centers, organizations around the world use Hiperwall software for their real-time collaborative visualization needs. Designed to facilitate critical decision making, our flexible software is perfect for any interactive video wall from the smallest to the most complex. 


Video walls powered by Hiperwall are designed for the following applications:

Command and Control

Make critical decisions in the shortest possible time. 

Gain enhanced situational awareness of any incident by viewing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, simultaneously. 

Advanced Analytics

Make impactful decisions considering all the data.

Display your data on a powerful, centralized platform for all analysts and management personnel to view, eliminating communication silos. 

Real-time Presentations

Communicate important information and updates.

Impart up-to-date business information, market developments, goals, and news to your audience in an impactful way using a variety of content sources to fit your needs.

Global Collaboration

Facilitate group decision making regardless of location. 

Share live feeds, real-time data and other content between Hiperwall systems located around the world. Keep global facilities and teams up-to-date with coordinated efforts. 


Industry Solutions

Highly-interactive software from Hiperwall can benefit a variety of industries and services. 


Public Safety

Aggregate intelligence for situational awareness by streaming CCTV cameras, personnel body cameras, analytics, and reporting tools on a centralized platform.

Set up a dynamic dashboard where operators can track developing events, see crime patterns, gather intelligence to support field operations, and collaborate to accelerate incident response. Learn More






Campus Safety

Respond to campus threats, network outages, emergency situations and more from a centralized campus safety control room.

An interactive video wall system powered by Hiperwall software allows campus security teams to monitor campus IP cameras, network dashboards, and social media feeds to help ensure a safe learning environment. Learn More



Emergency Management

Quickly process all sources of information, display instructions for crisis personnel, and respond to ongoing events in real time from a central emergency command center.

Manage the resources for dealing with emergencies and natural disasters to mitigate damage and loss of life. Learn More


Security Operations

Detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents using a combination of technology solutions and an interactive distributed visualization system. 

Give security analysts, engineers and security operations managers an aggregate view of all security resources. Provide active information to incident response teams to ensure security issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. Learn More

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