Maintenance Agreement

Protect your investment.


We Update the Software with Powerful New Features Every Year

We routinely update our software to make it better, faster and always up-to-date with the latest hardware innovations. It’s easy to take advantage of our improvements when you have an active Maintenance Agreement. Simply download the latest version.


Maintain your system.

Stay up to date.

When you purchase a new Hiperwall system it comes with a one-year Maintenance Agreement.

The Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • Free access to software upgrades with new and enhanced applications for improved performance and functionality.
  • Opt for remote assessment of their systems, as well as remote system optimization from Hiperwall’s support team.
  • Ability to redesign a video wall as needed with the flexibility to add or exchange licenses, combine and split video walls.
  • Free access to Hiperwall’s certified technical staff for all support needs.

How to renew.

The Hiperwall Maintenance Agreement doesn't renew automatically. Keep up-to-date with Hiperwall’s latest features and enhancements and maintain the design flexibility to improve your video wall by renewing your maintenance agreement.

There are two ways to renew:

1. Contact your reseller or system integrator and request a renewal.

2. Use the form on the right to make a request to Hiperwall.


Current Hiperwall customer? Don't miss out!

With each new version of Hiperwall software we add powerful new features -- features like fault tolerance, remote control and user-access control. If you have an up-to-date maintenance agreement, you can upgrade for free. Don’t miss an opportunity to vastly improve your video wall, upgrade your Hiperwall Maintenance Agreement today!

Key features introduced with each version:

2019 – Version 6.0.1

Until now the only way to register and install Hiperwall software was using a USB flash drive. Now, for high-security installations where a USB dongle is unacceptable, Hiperwall offers a hard drive registration capability.

2019 -- Version 6.0

HiperBrowserAdded HiperSource Browser for displaying ultra-high-resolution content (over 200 million pixels) or sending several high-resolution web pages from a single PC.

HiperLayoutEnhanced HiperLayout to enables eye-catching artistic display and video wall layouts. Now you can use different size and resolution displays together and rotate individual screens to any angle to create a spectacular visual canvas.

Added MPEG-2 video support to HiperSource IP Streams: This enables full-quality TV streams without the need for special transcoders.

2018 -- Version 5.1

HiperAccessEnhanced user access control in HiperAccess.

Added secure, built-in, remote control of HiperView PCs which eliminates the need for 3rd party software and provides increased security and ease of use.

2017 -- Version 5.0

HiperAccessAdded HiperAccess, a user-authentication system. Control user access, authorization levels, activity tracking for operational control and peace of mind.

2017 -- Version 4.6

HiperSourceAdded HiperSource Streamer h.264 encoding which reduces bandwidth and enables the use of the latest hardware acceleration technologies. With this improvement, you can lower hardware costs and gain very high-quality streaming.

2017 -- Version 4.5

HiperSourceAdded HiperSource 4K streaming -- New software for high resolution streaming and viewing. Lets you see video in better resolution than ever before.

2016 -- Version 4.0

HiperFailSafeAdded fault-tolerance for continuous controller operation with active controller redundancy for zero downtime.

2013 -- Version 3.0

Added an animation feature for dynamic manipulation of any element on the wall.  Create customized, attention-grabbing movement of content on a video wall.

2012 -- Version 2.0

HiperCastAdded HiperCast which enables collaboration with multiple Hiperwall installations around the world. Real-time business intelligence for fast decisionmaking.

HiperOperatorAdd HiperOperator which allows users to control a wall from any location. You gain the power to manage a wall remotely for changes on the fly to help expand and streamline collaboration and decision making.



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