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Keep Your Hiperwall System Operating at Peak Performance

Protect your investment by keeping it updated with the latest features and security updates.

We Update Our Software With Powerful New Features Every Year

We routinely update our software to make it better, faster and always up-to-date with the latest hardware innovations. It’s easy to take advantage of our improvements when you have an active HiperCare software maintenance agreement. Simply download the latest version.


Maintain System Performance, Access the Latest Features, Bolster System Security.


When you purchase a new Hiperwall system it comes with a one-year Maintenance Agreement.

5 HiperCare Benefits:

  1. The Latest Features - Keep your Hiperwall system up to date with the must-have features and productivity benefits offered by the latest Hiperwall software releases.
  2. Virtual Tech Support - If you have questions or run into snags, HiperCare customers get unrestricted access to Hiperwall technical support and customer service.
  3. Preventative Maintenance - Hiperwall’s support team will review your hardware and optimize your video wall system for operational efficiency and to better fit organizational needs.
  4. License Swapping - With HiperCare, we offer total flexibility with your service licenses - meaning you’re free to swap licenses based on use and operational needs. (EG: if you have two HiperSource Browser licenses but only need one, you can trade that extra license in for a HiperSource 4K Streamer license at no additional cost.)
  5. Education – Committed to ensuring customers get the maximum benefit from their software, Hiperwall hosts webinars to train customers on features, as well as provide them with useful tips for using the software.

How to renew.

The Hiperwall HiperCare software maintenance agreement doesn't renew automatically. Keep up-to-date with Hiperwall’s latest features and enhancements and maintain the design flexibility to improve your video wall by renewing your HiperCare program.

There are two ways to renew:

  1. Contact your reseller or system integrator and request a renewal.
  2. Use the form on the right to make a request to Hiperwall.


Current Hiperwall customer? Don't miss out!

With each new version of Hiperwall software we add powerful new features -- features like fault tolerance, remote control and user-access control. If you have an up-to-date HiperCare program, you can upgrade for free. Don’t miss an opportunity to vastly improve your video wall, upgrade your make sure your system has HiperCare today!

Unlock the Latest Tech and Features:

  • HiperSource Browser: Manage ultra high-resolution web content using browser tabs.
  • HiperView LED Add On: Plug-and-play LED display support regardless of display resolution.
  • Enhanced HiperLayout: Robust screen size, resolution and orientation flexibility.
  • HiperAccess: User authentication system for access control, authorization levels and activity tracking.
  • HiperSource Streamer H.264 Encoding: Enables the use of the latest hardware acceleration technologies.
  • HiperSource 4K Streaming: Adds support for UHD content streaming and full resolution viewing on video wall.
  • Fault Tolerance: Keeps the video wall operational if one controller fails.
  • HiperCast: Enables collaboration with multiple Hiperwall installations around the world.
  • HiperOperator: Single or multiple users can control a wall from any location.
  • HiperZones: Allows video wall administrators to define multiple access-controlled zones on a single video wall.



Ready to renew?

Contact your reseller, or complete the form below and we'll take it from there.