Hiperwall and Seneca's

Certified Hardware

Making it easier to
assemble a video wall.


The Program

To simplify the process of choosing the right components for your video wall system, Hiperwall has certified and pre-configured a selection of Seneca computers to work with Hiperwall software.


  • Simplicity – A full range of certified, pre-configured
    computers make selecting the right computers for
    your video wall easy
  • Reliability – Be assured that each computer is
    certified to work with Hiperwall software.
  • Time saving – Save up to an hour per computer of
    installation time when building a video wall.
hiperwall certified

How to Order

1. Hiperwall will help you determine the correct PC’s to order.

2. Contact Paula Gervasoni at 315.218.9123 or email Paula at Paula.Gervasoni@arrow.com

3. Fill out the reseller application and order the hardware.

4. Determine when and where you want the units shipped.

5. Before shipping, the units will be imaged with the Hiperwall software.

6. When you receive the units, your licenses will be activated upon insertion of the USB keys provided by Hiperwall.

7. Contact Hiperwall for installation help.


Contact for Questions or Support

Seneca for hardware questions: 315.218.9123
Hiperwall for software questions: 888.520.1760

For more information visit Seneca.