Sharing and Collaboration


Share information in real-time around the world!


About HiperCast

Hiperwall’s powerful HiperCast application connects Hiperwall video wall systems no matter where they are in the world. Information can be shared both internally (within a building or worldwide) and externally (between cooperating government agencies, for example). You decide what information is important to display, where it should be shared, and who should see the data. With HiperCast you can build a global network of video wall systems.

Hiperwall Functionality on a Global Scale

HiperCast enables multiple video wall systems to have fully functioning information delivery and KVM capabilities. The software preserves all the key functionalities of the HiperSource Sender software while extending its capabilities in the following ways:

  • Capture information displayed on almost any computer located anywhere in the world
  • Share information on multiple Hiperwall systems
  • Each Hiperwall system can independently select which content to view
  • Any of the Hiperwall systems can use the embedded KVM functionality to remotely control the computer from which the feed originates
  • Share with confidence—all data is secured by SSL encryption and authentication
  • Ensure maximum frame rate by automatically adjusting to the bandwidth available at each location.
HiperCast Diagram

Design Notes

Share information in real-time around the world or within a building. Take advantage of networked collaboration and improved decision making.