Video Wall
Essentials Packages

Unleash the full power full power of Hiperwall's video wall system in a cost-effective solution


Our Video Wall System Essentials Packages

Hiperwall's Video Wall Essentials Packages eliminate barriers to entry for organizations wanting enhanced collaboration, clearer communication, and the ability to make informed real-time decisions. Get started with a full-featured, control-room grade video wall powered by Hiperwall for just $9,995.

Each Hiperwall Essentials Package video wall system includes the following hardware and software features:

  • Hiperwall-certified Seneca Data VX-Quad PC with a Hiperwall Essentials image preloaded
  • Display(s) - Available in a 2x2 (4x 43” HD Displays) OR single 82-inch 4K TV video canvas configurations
  • 16-port Ethernet switch
  • Support for up to four simultaneous external IP sources, as well as an unlimited number of local sources
  • Remote access and control of the video wall from anywhere, anytime
  • 1 year of Hiperwall Maintenance, which ensures users have the latest Hiperwall software, professional video wall system optimization assistance, and industry-leading support

Need a Mobile Video Wall Option?

Our Hiperwall Video Wall Essentials Package is perfect for mobile command units, first responders, event security, and more., In addition, the Hiperwall Essentials Mobile Package makes deploying portable video walls in the field easy and cost-effective.

Hiperwall's customers get the benefits of combining our video wall hardware and software, but with the portability of a smaller 2x2 (4x 24” HD displays) video wall display canvas and wheeled hard case for safe and secure transporting. 


Video Wall Design Notes

Start small and grow. The Hiperwall Video Wall Essentials Packages allow you to use the full power of Hiperwall's video wall software on industry-leading hardware solutions at a cost-effective price. As your needs grow, easily expand your system to grow with you. 

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