System Design Considerations

Things to consider when designing a video wall system using Hiperwall software.


A Basic Hiperwall Video Wall

A very basic Hiperwall video wall system might consist of a PC with a HiperController license and one display with a small computer attached and a HiperView license. With a very simple system like that, you can display content saved locally. 


Basic Hiperwall System


Designing a Bigger System

A basic system doesn't meet most people's needs.  Here are some things to consider when designing a bigger system and selecting Hiperwall software licenses:


Will your system operate 24/7? Do you need it to be fail-safe?

If so, we recommend you consider a HiperController license paired with a  HiperFailSafe license or the Hiperwall Premium Suite.


Do you want to control your video wall from a mobile device?

A HiperOperator license provides remote access to your video walls from PCs and mobile devices such as Windows or Linux tablets, so you can support and manage your video wall anywhere, anytime.


How many displays do you need?

This is driven by the size of your space and by the amount of content you want to display. You will need one HiperView license for each display in your system.

Are your displays 1080p, HD, 4K UHD, or dvLED?

HiperView licenses are avaible in HD and UHD versions, and we offer a HiperView dvLED license that takes full advantage of LED technology.


How many live sources do you want available to display on your video wall?

This will determine how many HiperSource licenses you'll need. Our HiperSource license is very flexible. One HiperSource license gives you access to four applications which are customized to optimize specific types of content. Select the application that best suits the type of content you want to display. You need one HiperSource license for each piece of live content. Content stored on your system, such as photos or pre-rendered videos, can be displayed without a license.


Do you need to share content between Hiperwall systems?

A HiperCast license enables you to share live feeds, information and other content between Hiperwall systems located around the world.


What else do you need to do with your video wall system?

We offer some exciting software add-ons that significantly increase the capabilities of your video wall. If your needs are above the basic video wall, consider our HiperController add-ons:

Fault tolerance: If you need fault tolerance with 24/7 uptime, add one HiperFailSafe license.

Remote control: If you want remote control of the wall, you will need to add one HiperOperator license for every laptop, PC, or tablet that you wish to use as a remote control device. 

Multiple walls: If you need several video walls to act as a part of a single system or you want unique or artistic wall configurations with different size or resolution displays, add one HiperLayout license. 

User Authentication: If you need user authentication for multiple operators on your video wall, add one HiperAccess license.

KVM: If your main video wall controller is not local to the video wall, add one HiperKVM for keyboard and mouse control of a remote system.

API: If you need API access to the video wall for greater customized control, add one HiperInterface license. 

If you need all of the above, consider our Hiperwall Premium Suite. Hiperwall Premium Suite includes HiperFailSafe, HiperLayout, HiperAccess, HiperKVM, and HiperInterface in a cost-saving bundle. 



Example of a 2 x 2 video wall.

A 2x2 video wall diagram



For every display in your video wall, you'll need one HiperView license. So for a 2x2 video wall like the one above, you’ll need four HiperView licenses to drive the displays and a control PC with a HiperController license onboard.

If you want to bring in content from outside sources, you’ll need to add a HiperSource license for each piece of live or dynamic content you wish to display on your wall at the same time.


Topology of a larger video wall system.





Hiperwall Premium Suite


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