Control Room Video Wall

A dependable mission-critical video wall control room solution
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Why Use Hiperwall's Video Wall Control Software

Our video wall software helps control rooms gain enhanced situational awareness of any activity or incident by viewing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, simultaneously.

Why Control Room Video Wall Systems Matter

When it comes to mission-critical command center environments few technologies are as crucial as a powerful video wall system. Powerful and flexible Hiperwall AV-over-IP video walls allow control room operators to maintain the utmost situational awareness. They also facilitate organization-wide collaboration, efficient big data monitoring, and the ability to make informed decisions in real-time. 

It's important to understand that different industries have unique requirements. Each organization has to display numerous different types of content, their control room video wall design must be able to meet those requirements. 


A Control Room Video Wall Is Ideal for Mission-Critical Environments For Many Reasons!



Hiperwall Software Offers:

Ease of Use
Preset Content Mapping
Access Control
Remote Control



Modernize and Enhance Your Team's Response to Mission-Critical Situations with Hiperwall's Video Wall Control Software


Ditch the complexity of traditional AV systems – Get mission-critical performance, with advanced AV over IP technology. Deployment is simple. Set up one standard, off-the-shelf PC that connects all your sources directly to your video wall displays over the network.

  • Because you only use standard off-the-shelf hardware you reduce cost as compared to proprietary AV hardware, cabling and power.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes maintenance costs by leveraging standard IT solutions.

Valuable peace of mind knowing your system will not go down during a crisis - Industry leading seamless failover at the lowest cost.

Start small and expand as needed – You never know what the future holds. Easily scale your control room video wall system without the need to replace proprietary hardware.



Benefits of Our Video Wall Software for Control Rooms


Build teams with pre-defined capabilities for powerful access control - Limit who can access specific Hiperwall software features. Includes detailed logging of actions for enhanced management.

Empower your data and make informed decisions -- Hiperwall’s unique distributed visualization gives control room operators the power display a very high number of content sources at one time. View more IP cameras, browser windows, news streams, management dashboards and more simultaneously than any other platform.

Uncover important details - Display large, complex GIS charts or zoom in on high-resolution photos and retain pixel-for-pixel clarity. Limitless resolution has never looked better.

Significantly reduce training costs and time – Get your team up and running faster with our intuitive user interface.

Complete control of your content -- Hiperwall video wall software offers control room operators powerful real-time content manipulation that shows finished content as it appears on the wall with no lag. Drag-and-drop content anywhere. Resize, zoom, rotate, magnify, and adjust transparency. Add content color shading and filters. Create object pixelation for privacy.

Must-Haves for Control Room

Video Wall Systems

All industries and organizations with a control room share the same basic requirements: 

  • 24/7 reliability. Mission critical operations require having video wall operators having their eyes on data every hour of the day, thus there is no room for system down time. Hiperwall offers system redundancy for fail-safe operation around the clock. , 
  • Flexibility to support and seamlessly integrate a variety of content sources. These sources include, but aren't limited to SCADA data, GIS maps, traffic cameras, IP Cameras, IOT data, supply chain and manufacturing information, live news feeds, web-based content, and more. 
  • Scalability to cost-effectively grow your system to your organization's needs. Hiperwall offers the most upgradeable video wall platform for the simple fact that it is 100% hardware agnostic. Whether you're adding input sources, adding more screens, or even adding another wall to your system, Hiperwall makes scaling your video wall very easy.
  • Support for any wall layout and any display configuration. Not all video walls, or video wall needs are equal. Hiperwall provides the industry's most flexible platform for designing a video wall system that meets your exact needs. Whether your looking for a large-scale direct view LED video wall that spans the length of an entire room, or if you want to create an artistic tiled display wall canvas for corporate signage, Hiperwall software can easily support it, and makes sharing content to it simple. 

Control Room Video Wall Case Study

Four County EMC Control Room

A control room video wall powered by Hiperwall enables Four County EMC to monitor electrical outages and speed up response times.

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