Four County EMC


Case Study

Faster Response Times

A video wall powered by Hiperwall enables Four County EMC to monitor electrical outages and speed up response times.


Four County Electric Membership Corporation (“Four County
EMC”) is a not-for-profit electric cooperative owned by the people
it serves. As a hometown utility, Four County is committed to
providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to its more than
32,000 commercial and residential member-owners in six North
Carolina counties, including Bladen, Duplin, Pender, Sampson,
Columbus and Onslow counties.

Four County Headquarters

How it works

With Hiperwall software, operators at the dispatch center can monitor electrical outages visually and see the locations of field personnel. Having this critical information at their fingertips enables the operators to match a service need with the closest service personnel, which saves transportation time and costs. As a result of this greater efficiency, Four County EMC saves money. Because the customers of the electric cooperative own the company, they benefit from cost savings provided by Hiperwall in addition to faster service.

In addition to outage monitoring and response to service needs, important weather updates are viewed on the Hiperwall system, and the system is used for security monitoring of the outside and inside of Four County EMC’s building, improving safety for the organization and its employees.

“Our dispatch operators use the information displayed on Hiperwall to find the service personnel located closest to the outage,” said Wayne Odom, IT Administrator at Four County EMC. “For example, the operator can identify that a service vehicle is only five miles away versus 35 miles away. As a result, our service personnel can respond in a faster and more efficient manner. Four County EMC is owned by our customers, any money that we save during the year goes back to our customers. By adding more efficiency, Hiperwall enables us to reduce our costs for our customers.”



In 2010, Four County Electric Membership Corporation (EMC), an electric cooperative, decided to build a centralized dispatch center to serve three district offices and add a video wall system to support its staff in tracking and responding to electrical outages.


The organization turned to the Hiperwall software solution to monitor service calls, security and power loads. They installed 10 displays, a switch and standard Windows computers and Hiperwall software.


Four County EMC received the following benefits from the Hiperwall software solution:

  • Displays information at a glance on three video walls used for dispatch, security and engineering.
  • Enables call center operators to visualize location of outages and closest field personnel.
  • Reduces response time, saving customers both time and money.

“We use Hiperwall to display our outage map, track vehicle locations, check the weather radar and obtain security camera feeds of video in and around our facility. We use about five maps on the Hiperwall system.”

Wayne Odom, IT Administrator at  Four County EMC

Four County EMC dispatch center operators can view all critical information at once, including outage maps, field personnel locations, weather information and feeds from on-site security cameras.

Four County Call Center