Enhanced Digital Signage

Lobby walls, digital menu boards, advertising displays, entertainment walls and more.


Impress your visitors with a stunning digital canvas.

Deliver valuable updates and announcements to both employees and customers as they enter your facilities. Impress your visitors using a large variety of high-resolution content sources to fit your needs.



Captivate your audience - Display high-resolutions photos, videos and imagery and retain pixel for pixel clarity. Limitless resolution has never looked better.

Complete control of your content -- Hiperwall software’s powerful content manipulator works in real-time showing finished content as it appears on the wall with no lag. Drag-and-drop content anywhere. Resize, zoom, rotate, magnify, and adjust transparency. Add content color shading and filters. Create object pixelation for privacy.

Start small and expand as needed – You never know what the future holds. Easily scale your system without the need to replace proprietary hardware.



Ditch the complexity of traditional AV systems – Get unrivaled performance, with advanced AV over IP technology. Deployment is simple. Set up one standard, off-the-shelf PC that connects all your sources directly to your video wall displays over the network.

  • Because you only use standard off-the-shelf hardware you reduce cost as compared to proprietary AV hardware, cabling and power.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes maintenance costs by leveraging standard IT solutions.

Unmatched content source display -- Hiperwall’s unique distributed visualization gives you the power display a very high number of content sources at one time. View more pictures, videos, live streams, web pages and more simultaneously than any other platform.

Significantly reduce training costs and time – Get your team up and running faster with our intuitive user interface.

Build teams with pre-defined capabilities for powerful access control - Limit who can access specific Hiperwall software features. Includes detailed logging of actions for enhanced management.


Case Study


A video wall powered by Hiperwall enables JetBlue to communicate corporate messaging and information to their employees and visitors in an impressive and engaging manner.

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Blog Post

Traditional Corporate Digital Signage Is Dead

Many modern corporate buildings are more than just an office for employees or a meeting spot for potential clients. Corporate buildings are “Second Homes” that employees want to take pride in and their customers want to be impressed by every time they enter the building lobby and walk through the offices.

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