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Traditional Corporate Digital Signage Is Dead | Video Wall | Hiperwall

Feb 6, 2020 9:59:55 AM


Many modern corporate buildings are more than just an office for employees or a meeting spot for potential clients. Corporate buildings are “Second Homes” that employees want to take pride in and their customers want to be impressed by every time they enter the building lobby and walk through the offices. Corporations in the past have tried to make a positive first impression with greeters and receptionists, water displays, and even paintings and statues. Those attention-grabbing tools used to be enough to create a lasting impression on those who entered corporate buildings, but not anymore.

The latest trend that corporations have gravitated towards over the last 5-10 years are digital signage video walls. In theory these digital signage displays seem to get the job done for corporations that want to “beautify” their premises because the monitors can be updated with content from computers and changed as often as the business would like. However, we think any organization that is willing to spend money to make a memorable impression on their visitors with a digital signage video wall is spending their money on an outdated trend, and are wasting money on a half-measure that won’t achieve their desired outcome. Digital signage software is dead.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe that LED video walls and monitors will continue to be the go-to content delivery method for corporate environments. Meaning that LCD displays, and especially LED displays (like the ones you see in baseball stadiums and concert arenas), will only proliferate in their importance to corporate customers. However, we believe that the digital signage software that sends content to these displays is a poor investment for the following reasons:

• Digital signage software struggles with extremely high-resolution content.

• Digital signage software is difficult to scale or modify.

• Digital signage software is not intuitive to use and limits how you can display content on your displays.

• Digital signage software is outdated the moment you buy more powerful displays.

Fortunately, Hiperwall video wall software is strong in the four areas that digital signage software is critically weak in. In the last 3-5 years we have signed up dozens of corporate clients that found their digital signage software was not getting the job done. Because of Hiperwall software’s proprietary and innovative architecture, our corporate customers like JetBlue and American Express can deliver content in limitless resolution, literally. Our customers send content to their walls in higher resolution than they have seen anywhere else.

And when our customers come to us and say their boss has a crazy request to show a high-resolution video sandwiched in between two high-resolution static photos, we tell them that’s not a problem. Hiperwall software facilitates unmatched control and ease of customization for whoever is operating the video wall. So when your team is standing in a crowded room watching you update the content on the wall or your VP needs content updated on the fly, you know that you’ll have no problem finessing the changes in real time.

Finally, one of the most valuable components of Hiperwall software over digital signage software is that Hiperwall software is future-proofed. That is really a fancy way of saying that your purchase will always be protected, even as your hardware changes and we deliver ever-improving software to you. Hiperwall software can be transferred to a new device if your old computer breaks down or integrated with a new display if you decide to replace your old monitors with fancy new 4K monitors. The software is never tied to one device only, and it’s yours forever with no monthly fees like other digital signage products.

We think you’re doing the right thing by installing video walls in your corporate buildings to deliver valuable updates and announcements to both employees and customers as they enter your facilities. Displays attract and keep attention. We just don’t want to see you waste your money on digital signage software that will underwhelm your customers and is seen as old news. Invest in Hiperwall software for your corporate environment to make a lasting impression today, tomorrow, and as long as you want to.

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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