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Secure Your Organization: Security Operations Centers

By Jonathan Gieg on Jun 23, 2020 11:04:23 AM

In this post we are going to discuss another component of corporate environments that becomes increasingly important in a larger business’s daily operations, the Security Operations Center, or SOC. The SOC usually operates alongside a Network Operations Center, or NOC, another critical environment that we will discuss in a separate post.

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Engaging a Modern Audience: Rich Media

By Jonathan Gieg on May 27, 2020 11:02:02 AM

Modern advertisers and marketers are in a constant cat and mouse game for the attention of the people they are trying to reach, across all platforms and at all times. The modern consumer, when out and about in normal daily life, will see thousands of logos and companies. The modern consumer sees the logos on their cell phones, on bus stops, on billboards, and building names. And the most common result of this logo inundation is that consumers become desensitized to the logos and the ads. The logos and ads start to become noise that consumers turn out.

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