Premium Suite

Fault tolerance, control applications, and content integrity
in a cost-saving bundle!


group-for-premium-newcolorsHiperwall Premium Suite

Get fault tolerance and all the HiperController add-ons in a cost-saving bundle!

Here's what you get:

  • HiperController: This video wall controller is the brain of the Hiperwall family of software. It controls what, where, how and when content is displayed. 
  • HiperFailSafe: The HiperFailSafe application includes an additional HiperController for failover and the technology to link with a HiperController license to establish fault tolerance. If one controller fails, the other ensures continuous operation. No downtime!
  • HiperAccess: A powerful user authentication tool to limit access to Hiperwall capabilities and assign a set of permitted capabilities.
  • HiperLayout: Allows multiple physical video walls as part of a single system. Supports unique and artistic wall configurations including the mixture of landscape and portrait displays and rotation.
  • HiperKVM: Enables the operator to control the keyboard and mouse of a remote system. Perfect for situations where the main controller is not local.
  • HiperInterface: An external interface (API) that lets you control many functions of the Hiperwall system from third-party applications or devices, such as VMS systems, control systems like AMX or Crestron, scripting languages, tablets, and smartphones. Users can also connect and disconnect browsers and open and close IP Streams sources.
  • HiperZones: Allows video wall administrators to define multiple access-controlled zones on a single video wall – turning one video wall into a group of several smaller video wall regions. It enables only designated operators to access, share content to and manipulate their assigned zone of the video wall. 
  • Upgrades are free: Keep your maintenance agreement up to date and you’ll get any new control add-ons free. 
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Design Notes

A fault-tolerant system requires three PCs -- two for the control apps and one for the fail-safe capability.