Premium Suite

Fault tolerance and control applications
in a cost-saving bundle!


group-for-premium-newcolorsHiperwall Premium Suite

Get fault tolerance and all the HiperController add-ons in a cost-saving bundle!

Here's what you get:

  • HiperController: The brain of the Hiperwall family of software. It controls what, where, how and when content is displayed. 
  • HiperFailSafe: The HiperFailSafe application includes an additional HiperController for failover and the technology to link with a HiperController license to establish fault tolerance. If one controller fails, the other ensures continuous operation. No downtime!
  • HiperAccess: A powerful user authentication tool to limit access to Hiperwall capabilities and assign a set of permitted capabilities.
  • HiperLayout: Allows multiple physical video walls as part of a single system. Supports unique and artistic wall configurations including the mixture of landscape and portrait displays and rotation.
  • HiperKVM: Enables the operator to control the keyboard and mouse of a remote system. Perfect for situations where the main controller is not local.
  • HiperInterface: An external interface (API) that lets you control many functions of the Hiperwall system from third-party applications or devices, such as control systems like AMX or Crestron, scripting languages, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Upgrades are free: Keep your maintenance agreement up to date and you’ll get any new control add-ons free. 
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Design Notes

A fault-tolerant system requires three PCs -- two for the control apps and one for the fail-safe capability.