The brains of a Hiperwall system.


About HiperController

HiperController software is the brain of the Hiperwall family of software. It controls what, where, how and when content is displayed. The powerful and dynamic user interface shows you a clear representation of your entire system. As you add, move, resize and change content on the user interface, the same things happen on your video wall in real time. 


Animation: Animation allows the user to define movement and changes of content quickly and easily without pre-rendering. On the fly, you can move an object across a path of your choice. Change the size, rotation, transparency and other visual effects.

Video Engine: Highly optimized video playback rendering with 4K video capability and enhanced performance.

Powerful Content Manipulation: Hiperwall software’s content manipulator works in real-time showing finished content as it appears on the wall with no lag. Drag 'n' drop content anywhere. Resize, zoom, rotate, magnify, and adjust transparency. Add content color shading and filters. Create object pixelation for privacy. Clone multiple independent copies of content and more.

SmartSnap™: Automatically maximizes and snaps content to display boundaries or SmartSnap regions. Set up display content in seconds. Make use of all the real estate available.

Schedule and Restore: Content can be arranged and saved as “environments” and restored on demand, or scheduled to appear at any time.

Slide Show: Set content to automatically change from one view to the next. Works with any content, including live sources, video, text, and images. Achieve professional results with easy to use controls.



Design Notes: Fault Tolerance

HiperFailSafeIf you need a fail-safe environment, and already have a Hiperwall system without fault tolerance, we recommend that you add the HiperFailSafe application. HiperFailSafe provides fault tolerance when combined with HiperController. The HiperFailSafe license includes an additional HiperController for failover and the technology to link with a HiperController license to establish fault tolerance. Previously, Hiperwall Core customers were unable to add fault tolerance to their system without upgrading to Hiperwall Premium Suite. Now customers who want to add fault tolerance can simply purchase a HiperFailSafe license.


Keep in mind that you will need to add two PCs to your system when you add the HiperFailSafe application. One PC is for failover and the other manages the system.

Control Panel

The HiperController control panel is intuitive and easy to use. 

Control Page Screen