LED Video Walls

Unbound Visual Performance Meets Uncompromising Video Wall Control


Advantages of LED Video Walls

Direct view LED video wall technology is the wave of the future. It delivers seamless imagery, can be scaled to any size or shape, and makes video wall content look great from any angle.


Brilliant, Seamless, Scalable – Benefits of LED Video Walls

LED video walls are aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, flexible, durable, and useful for branding. LED video walls are capable of drawing attention in every context.

Our LED Video Wall Have Superior Resolution:

LED video walls are built from an array of HD displays and, as a result, the resolution increases as each display is added to the array. Thanks to their color technology that provides better contrast ratios, superior brightness, and high resolutions, the images will be brighter, more vivid, and eye-catching.


LED video walls are designed with maximum reliability in mind, so they can operate for years with no maintenance. A LED video wall may seem like a bigger investment at the beginning, however it is a more affordable long-term investment

Flexible LED Video Walls

Our LED video walls are very versatile, They are made up of individual panels and they can be used in a variety of different layouts and configurations.


LED video walls have a modern and sharp look, with a sleek design -- they stand out, which is truly important for today’s competitive business world. If you incorporate a LED video wall into a venue you’re sending your message in an innovative way. In the corporate workplace, a LED video wall can be used to show professionalism and impress customers.

LED Video walls can deliver performance, reliability, flexibility, interactivity and more.

HiperView Quantum


Perfect video synchronization for LED video walls with multiple controllers.

Hiperwall’s HiperView Quantum corrects synchronization issues that cause image tearing.


  • Powerful dvLED video wall support -- Ideal for borderless LED displays.
  • State-of-the-art synchronization across multiple LED controllers.
  • Superior visual experience with smooth, tear-free motion across multiple LED video wall controllers.
  • Eliminates visual issues associated with latency.

Without HiperView Quantum Installed

A common issue with LED video walls with two or more controllers is the lack of synchronization of movement between controllers which causes tearing.


After HiperView Quantum Installation

With a HiperView Quantum license, LED video walls will experience perfectly synchronized video, free of any tearing effects.



HiperView Quantum

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