HiperView Quantum

Perfect LED Synchronization for Smooth Clean Streaming on a dvLED Video Wall


Perfect Video Synchronization for dvLED Walls with Multiple Controllers

Hiperwall’s HiperView Quantum is one of the only software solutions available that corrects synchronization issues that cause image tearing.


Without HiperView Quantum Installed

A common issue with dvLED video walls with two or more controllers is the lack of synchronization of movement between controllers which causes tearing.


After HiperView Quantum Installation

With a HiperView Quantum license, dvLED video walls will experience perfectly synchronized video, free of any tearing effects.



Hiperwall’s HiperView Quantum One of the Only Software Solution AvailableThat Corrects Synchronization Issues That Cause Image Tearing

HiperView Quantum -- Unrivaled Visual Performance for dvLED Displays
(License sold separately; requires Hiperwall version 7.0 with HiperView HD/UHD license)
  • Industry-exclusive dvLED video wall support -- Ideal for borderless LED displays.
  • State-of-the-art synchronization across multiple LED controllers.
  • Superior visual experience with smooth, tear-free motion across multiple video wall controllers.
  • Eliminates visual issues associated with latency.

Note: To update Hiperwall software to version 7.0 and take advantage of the new upgrades and license, customers must have a Maintenance Agreement in effect. HiperView Quantum requires an additional license, purchased separately, and only works with Hiperwall software version 7.0 and requires a HiperView HD or UHD license.