HiperSource Family

An application for every input source.


About the HiperSource Family

Using IP streaming or physical inputs, a video wall controller captures content from a multitude of sources and displays it on video wall screens. The content can come from almost any source on your local network or across the Internet, including browser content, desktop capture, IP camera streams, h.264 streams, capture card input or video files.

The HiperSource family consists of four applications which are customized to optimize specific types of content. Select the application that best suits the type of content you want to display. Change the application used at any time.

HiperSource Applications

HiperSource SenderHiperSource Sender — Sends a PC screen or a portion of a screen to the wall. Best used for a single piece of low-frame-rate or remote content.

HiperSouce StreamerHiperSource Streamer — For video streaming from a PC or capture device. Allows for high frame rates and resolution up to 4K.

HiperSource IP StreamsHiperSource IP Streams — Designed to bridge IP stream sources (such as IP cameras or h.264 encoders) to a video wall.
HiperSource Browser
HiperSource Browser  Perfect for displaying ultra-high-resolution web or PDF content (over 200 million pixels) or sending several high-resolution web pages from a single PC.   Learn More
Source Acquisition and Management

vmsVMS interface: Access all sources on available video management systems such as Milestone and Genetec.

Source tab: Control all sources via a tab on the control panel. Access a list of all sources, control sources via KVM, create new RTSP streams and open browser windows from the Hiperwall Control Panel.


Hiperwall software is one of the only solutions that lets you display content anywhere on the wall regardless of display boundaries and without having to create time-consuming zones.

Display content anywhere

HiperSource Input

Design Notes

When you’re designing a video wall, you should consider how many sources will be coming into your system at one time. For each active content source, you need one HiperSource license.