The HiperView Family

Gives power to your displays.


About the HiperView Family

The HiperView applications power your video wall's displays. Each display is managed by an ultra-small, low-cost, display-attachable computer running HiperView software. The software controls the entire array of displays allowing them to work together as one giant display or as single displays within a system. It works with displays set up in portrait, landscape mode or any angle you want. You can even design artistic displays like the one to the right.

We offer three HiperView applications:

  • HiperView HD software – outputs content up to 1080p resolution*
  • HiperView UHD software – outputs content up to 4K resolution*
  • HiperView LED add-on enables the accurate control of the total resolution of a Direct View LED wall. Requires the HiperLayout application and either HiperView HD or UHD.

*Requires HiperLayout when combining HiperView HD and UHD licenses in the same system.

Artistic Angled Displays

Design Note

You can set up your displays at any angle for an artistic video wall using Hiperwall's HyperLayout add-on application.