We help you monitor real-time operating data and improve security.


Use data for security and efficiency.

A centralized video wall system powered by Hiperwall software allows transportation teams to monitor critical information from across their organization. Teams can display IP cameras, operating dashboards, security feeds to create a real-time dashboard where operators can respond to incidents and make better decisions. A Hiperwall video wall helps organizations uncover and minimize operational inefficiencies while keeping people and cargo safe and secure. 



Transit Management

Display all CCTV feeds, real-time asset location data, routing information, analytics, operating dashboards and more simultaneously. Improve communication and enhance operations.



Improved safety and security

Hiperwall software delivers live content, data streams, news sources and more in real time, so teams can make decisions with an accurate operating picture. Monitor emergency situations as they develop and make data-driven decisions on the fly.

Transportation Industries

Roads and Highways

Public Transport 


Airports and Aviation

Ports and Maritime







Case Study

LA Metro

Video walls powered by Hiperwall monitor the Los Angeles Metro rail and bus system and provide real-time visualization for situational awareness during incidents. The result is faster emergency response times and smoother operations.

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