Law Enforcement

We make it easier to protect and serve your community.


Advanced monitoring for improved operations.

A centralized video wall system powered by Hiperwall software allows law enforcement teams to keep critical information about ongoing events front and center. Teams can display cameras, reporting dashboards, and analytics tools to create a real-time dashboard where operators can visualize and predict crime patterns, monitor ongoing incidents and process important data to assist response teams. The intuitive Hiperwall control panel helps organizations work quickly and accurately to minimize the impact of emergency situations. 



Crime monitoring

Display all CCTV and body camera feeds, real-time location data, analytics, news feeds, interactive GIS maps and more simultaneously. Monitor crime across an entire city from a centralized platform.



Enhanced operations

Empower field and special operations with real-time data and improved situational awareness. Hiperwall software delivers live content, data streams, news sources and more so teams can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

Law Enforcement Industries

Emergency Management

Drug Enforcement


Special Event Management


Traffic Management




Natural Disaster Response



Case Study

Santa Ana Police Department

Video walls powered by Hiperwall enabled Santa Ana PD to share visibility of common areas and high-profile critical infrastructure locations such as transit, energy, and public utilities network during an emergency.

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