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Hiperwall and Law Enforcement Command Staff Meetings | Video Wall

Mar 30, 2021 10:38:41 AM


Hiperwall is a powerful software system where you can easily display and control information, data, and videos on a video wall comprised of multiple monitors or TVs. Read on to learn about how Hiperwall can help your law enforcement agency on a daily basis with command staff update meetings by encouraging a seamless sharing of information, without the clunky transition time.

For most police departments in the United States, the command staff consists of various powerful and busy administrators that mostly interact with each other through email, quick phone calls, or through passing interactions in the hallways. Command staff meetings are one of the few times that you can have the Chief of Police present with trusted advisors to be updated on their jurisdiction and brainstorm how they can improve their city even more. In working with our law enforcement clients, we have found that these command staff meetings are low-hanging fruit, or quality opportunities, to impress and inform the leadership that help your agency run smoothly. Our clients have found the Hiperwall software solution to be a valued component of their command staff meetings and our goal is to share a few of the tips and tricks our clients have implemented so we can help your agency improve your weekly meetings as well.

First and foremost, a single monitor used to display information to the team is usually clunky and limits viewing for the rest of the leadership present at the command staff meeting. Not everyone can see a single monitor, and just as important, a single monitor is limited with the amount of information that can be displayed. As a result, we recommend that police departments install at least a 2x2 LED video wall for their presentations. If cost is an issue, the newly released Hiperwall Essentials Packages allows you to get a full 2x2 Hiperwall video wall for under $10,000 - hardware included! This video wall is an investment into the organization and planning of the department, it’s critical to have as much quality information present as possible. Plus, this video wall can double as a command center in times of crisis, as we discuss in another blog post.

In addition to the information limitation of a single monitor, a single monitor almost always means that the monitor is connected to a single computer. As a result each presenter has to log onto the computer, access their information, and then transition into the “driver’s seat” in order to control and present the content for the meeting.

Law enforcement is a tough occupation and not being equipped with the best technology makes it even harder. This usually means every transition is accompanied with a line like, “Wow, the presentation was working just fine a minute ago! Standby while I figure this out” or maybe even “Hey, can you grab the IT guy so we can get my material up and running?” Little frustrations like this slow down the tempo of the meeting and distract from the professional objectives at hand.

With the Hiperwall solution each shareholder at the meeting can bring their own computer to the meeting and from their own seat in the room, send content up to the video wall. They can even move the content around, make the content larger or smaller, and share their screen with the rest of the room.

When your city manager or mayor, who is responsible for determining your department’s funding, sits in on your command staff meetings, it is imperative to put your best foot forward and appear technologically adept and advanced. Reach out to our team so we can help the flow of information at your agency during command staff meetings.

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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