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Why Organizations Should Invest in Platforms | Video Wall Solutions

Aug 27, 2019 10:53:37 AM

Is your company investing in standalone applications, or are you investing in enterprise-level platforms?




CIOs and technical leaders are always looking for ways to “do more with less” as they help their organizations become digitized. And if you haven’t read about the digital transformation that’s changing how companies monitor and deliver their services to their customers, you’re probably late to the party.

One tactic I keep in mind as I advise CIOs on the applications and services they purchase for their organizations is to always ask, “what can be built on this investment? How can we leverage this product?” And too often, the answer is that you can’t. You can purchase analytics software or a VMS to watch over your organization, but usually you only have a handful of people interacting with those applications at a time. These products don’t connect people, they divide people.

One of the reasons why I believe in Hiperwall video wall software and its efficacy for organizations across many verticals is that the software is a way of protecting the investments you have already made into your company’s productivity. Companies spend a significant amount of money on all sorts of standalone machines, software, and technologies. Why not purchase a platform that can validate your investments, while sharing them with your team?



With Hiperwall’s visualization platform you can send your VMS up to your LED video wall so that the whole team can monitor and contribute to security. You can share SCADA and live grid information with your whole team. And with our software you can send an analyst’s workstation to the wall instead of having multiple team members huddle around one desk to process information.

At the end of the day, the goal should always be to stack functionality so that the products and services you invest in add to each other and compound over time. If you purchase products or services that you can’t leverage with other products or services, you’re doing your company and budget a disservice.


Hiperwall, Inc. was developed to bring video walls to the mainstream by lowering costs and simplifying installations through our 100% software-driven solution. Hiperwall software lets you create and deliver bold and dynamic high-resolution content with no specialized hardware, training or skills required. Display any type of content on a centralized platform for enhanced decision making and collaboration. 

Jonathan Gieg
Written by Jonathan Gieg

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