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Hiperwall President And CEO Jeff Greenberg Resigns

Jul 1, 2016 1:10:00 AM

IRVINE, Calif., July 1, 2016 (PR Newswire) -- Hiperwall, Inc., announced today the resignation of the company's President and CEO Jeff Greenberg. Concurrently, the Board has appointed Tom Scott as interim President and CEO. All changes are effective immediately.

Board of Directors Sung-jin Kim and Stephen Jenks stated, "We recognize the significant contributions Mr. Greenberg has provided since we formed Hiperwall in helping to establish the company as a leader in the video wall industry. He has worked hard to improve the value of Hiperwall, and we greatly appreciate his efforts."

Tom Scott has over 40 years of experience with broad leadership and P&L expertise in all aspects of worldwide corporate operations, marketing, marketing communications and business development in the technology industry. His extensive executive experiences range from startup companies to Fortune 500 companies where he successfully implemented new business strategies and cultures to reduce costs, improve sales performance, and position companies for success. He has a proven record of identifying key market segments, managing change, and building and motivating teams to achieve record revenue growth. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Scott was serving as a strategic advisor to the CEO at Hiperwall.

"Mr. Greenberg's departure was not related in any way to the company's operational or financial performance, both of which remain strong," said Sung-jin Kim. "Hiperwall will continue to focus on creating value for our customers and partners, while upholding the highest ethical standards in every area of our business. We are fortunate to have Tom Scott at Hiperwall during this transition. Mr. Scott possesses deep knowledge of Hiperwall's business and he assumes his responsibilities as our President and CEO with the full support of the Board."

About Hiperwall, Inc.
Hiperwall develops LED video wall software used by customers in more than 50 countries around the world in the command and control, lobby and meeting room, digital signage, education and entertainment market segments. Our software is used to save lives, improve security, enrich communication, foster branding, improve sales, enhance instruction and enliven entertainment experiences. Hiperwall provides full situational awareness for real-time decision support. Hiperwall's cutting-edge technology allows the user to look at multiple content sources on one video wall and change the views instantly as needed. Video feeds and data may be displayed on a single video wall, distributed throughout a facility, sent from a remote location to others around the world, or a combination of all three. Hiperwall is a flexible, hardware-agnostic, scalable, easy to use and affordable solution that enables organizations of any size to have access to video wall technology. For more information, visit

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