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Introducing the New Hiperwall Blog! | Video Wall Solutions | Hiperwall

Feb 9, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Introducing the New Hiperwall Blog!

Hiperwall is delighted to announce our new blog. We want this blog to be a resource for the technology manager whose responsibilities include the understanding, procuring and maintaining of video wall systems. Our mission is to bridge the knowledge gap so that the technology manager is fully equipped with what he needs to know to make the best possible video wall purchase decision for his or her organization. We will provide a forum for integrators and end-users to share trends, analysis, issues and success strategies from industry experts.

The blog content will come from Hiperwall senior executives, industry partners such as NEC, SitScape, Intralogic Solutions, Ingram, Intel and other industry-expert guest authors. Customers will tell their stories of trials and tribulations in designing and installing video walls. We will address your concerns, or point you toward useful sources of information.

As you may be aware, Hiperwall is a software technology that powers the most cutting-edge video wall and distributed visualization systems available today. Unlike traditional or legacy video wall systems, Hiperwall future-proofs your system by completely eliminating the need for proprietary hardware, including costly, inflexible video wall processors that limit scalability. Our 100 percent software solution allows you to build next-generation video wall systems using commodity hardware. A basic Hiperwall system includes Hiperwall software, Windows® PCs, a Gigabit Ethernet network switch, and output display devices, such as video wall displays, projectors, LED lights or LCD panels. With Hiperwall’s unlimited scalability, you can build a video wall or other display devices as large as you choose.

In addition to offering value in the form of relevant blog posts, we will also be creating a variety of other complimentary resources, such as eBooks (coordinated with industry publications), resource guides, newsletters, and much more. All of this will be created by our team of experts who will ensure that the content is accurate and helpful. In short, this platform is more than a blog. It is a wealth of valuable information, created just for you.

Does this sound interesting to you?

If it does, then we invite you to become part of our community by subscribing and giving us feedback that will help us stay focused on content that will make a relevant contribution to you and your organization. We want to hear from you in the comments on this blog, and on our various social media platforms. Overall, we are committed to listening and ensuring that we deliver insight and information that makes a difference. Your input will impact what we publish, where we promote it and how often.

We look forward to making you a member of our community.

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