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San Jose, Costa Rica Airport Installs SITA ControlBridge | Hiperwall

Sep 11, 2017 4:53:00 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica Airport Installs SITA ControlBridge Powered by Hiperwall Software
San Jose, Costa Rica Airport Installs SITA ControlBridge Powered by Hiperwall Software
The name of an operational control room video wall varies from airport to airport, but no matter what you call it, it remains the platform by which airports are able to facilitate the flow of information between the command center personnel and those in the field. It’s a complex and critical setup that collects and organizes large amounts of data for analysis and distribution.
To reduce errors and increase the efficiency and security of their mission-critical environment, the Juan Santamaria International Airport, managed by AERIS Holdings, selected SITA to implement its ground-breaking operational control room, ControlBridge, as the command center technology solution provider.
SITA partnered with Hiperwall, Inc. to utilize their visualization system software. Hiperwall software enables AERIS to integrate information from multiple security and operational systems such as video surveillance, CCTV and access control from a single, centralized location. AERIS requires 24/7 monitoring of air traffic control, customs and immigration, boarding gate security surveillance, ground handling, facilities management, fire suppression and air rescue. This allows for informed, collaborative decision making between the control room, personnel in the field and Costa Rican intelligence agencies. The SITA ControlBridge plays an integral role in providing the technology that enables the airport to quickly and effectively generate adaptive incident response plans for personnel in the field and be proactive in determining where improvements can be made at all levels of operation.
Hiperwall software helps integrate all existing disparate systems, achieve 24/7 fault tolerant reliability, enable safe operations and create scalability for future growth alongside the SITA ControlBridge. Most video wall solutions rely on proprietary hardware from multiple suppliers which drives up their cost and complexity and pushes LED video walls out of reach for widespread commercial use. Hiperwall software is a hardware-agnostic solution which means it is scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and lowers maintenance expenses and training costs for operational logistics.
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