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Why Companies Need an Executive Video Wall Command and Control Center

Aug 21, 2017 4:49:00 AM

Why Companies Need an Executive Command and Control Center
Managing instantaneous information flow across a company to mitigate public relations disasters and effectively control crisis situations is extremely important in our digital age. An executive command and control room with multiple feeds of information that includes real time social media and broadcast news stations can be utilized to control and reduce the effect of reputation-damaging events and emergencies. Not having a platform to gather and review streams of information or to collaborate with officials onsite hinders a company’s ability to make risk mitigating decisions.
A command and control room would give any executive a significant advantage during large events and/or emergencies. It would allow them to assess numerous video feeds, news stations, social media activities, situational feeds of information, employee FaceTime feeds, security feeds, shared airport command center content in real time as well as standard and customized applications used to organize the information and collaborate before making a decision. Monitoring social media activity on a LED video wall is extremely beneficial for gathering intelligence on tweets and other communications to help diffuse incorrect information as quickly as possible. When utilized correctly, a video wall allows for a complete visualization of the magnitude of a situation and can significantly alter the way a company chooses to respond to an event.
During times of non-emergencies, the video wall can be used for business proposals, training and debriefings. Business proposal and training materials such as videos, online resources and PowerPoint presentations can be elegantly displayed on the video wall system and multiple feeds can expedite and improve the debriefing process.
Every company stands to benefit from having a centralized executive command and control center to monitor and control the company’s security and information flow. It is an integral asset that improves visual situational awareness and resolves inefficiencies within numerous levels of a company. It is unmatched in emergency situations in providing the most up-to-date information that enables strategic decision making and provides seamless collaboration between executives, upper management teams, operators and first responders.                    


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