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Version 8.5 is Here! We’ve Enhanced the Hiperwall User Experience

May 23, 2023 8:00:00 AM

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just launched Hiperwall Version 8.5!

Hiperwall 8.5 was designed to enhance the user experience by introducing a host of new features and improvements. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key enhancements and features.

User interface updates:

One of the most significant improvements in Hiperwall Version 8.5 is the new and improved user interface for HiperController, the central nervous system of all Hiperwall systems. The new interface comes with light and dark theme options and is designed to further simplify and enhance the user experience. With this new update, users can now enjoy streamlined content placement, thanks to the new Drag-and-Drop functionality that eliminates extra clicks from the process of bringing content to the video wall. Users can now drag content from the sources panel and drop it directly into their video wall or video wall zone. Version 8.5 also introduces SmartSwapTM Drag-and-Swap functionality, allowing users to replace on-wall content with fresh content by simply dragging new content out of the sources window and placing it on top of the content being replaced.

Another key improvement in Hiperwall Version 8.5 is the new tap-and-swipe-style user interface for HiperOperator, which has been designed to make finding and placing content easier than ever before. HiperOperator now seamlessly supports HiperZones and multiple video wall systems. Like HiperController, it also introduces Drag-and-Drop functionality with SmartSnap™ to wall grids and zone grids and SmartSwap™. Additionally, Hiperwall 8.5 streamlines the process for connecting HiperOperator PCs with HiperController PCs, making multi-system management painless.

HiperZones – Now Even More Powerful:

HiperZones, which was introduced in version 8.0, has been updated in version 8.5 to support multi-zone environments. This update allows users to save and load environments that consist of content placed within multiple zones. Multi-zone environments work with Hiperwall’s built-in scheduler too, unlocking more powerful content automation. As part of this update, Hiperwall has added the ability to rename saved HiperZones without compromising saved environments, settings and scheduled content. HiperZones is ideal for maintaining order within a control room, especially during mission-critical operations, as it enables only designated operators to access, share content to and manipulate their assigned zone of the video wall.

Streamlined KVM Control

Finally, Hiperwall Version 8.5 introduces streamlined KVM control of HiperSource Streamer+ PCs. HiperSource Streamer+ access and control updates allow HiperSource Streamer PC desktop content to be opened in a new window on HiperController PCs. Users can easily KVM control Streamer PCs from that window. HiperSource Streamer+ desktop content can now also be viewed in a new window or in a new tab within the HiperOperator window on HiperOperator PCs. Users can KVM control HiperSource Streamer+ PCs from either view option.

Overall, Hiperwall Version 8.5 is a major game-changer! With its new and improved user interfaces, streamlined content placement and manipulation features, and enhanced overall capabilities, Hiperwall Version 8.5 will take your video wall experience to the next level.

Michael Farino
Written by Michael Farino

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