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Hiperwall 4.0 Adds Fault Tolerance for High Availability Video Wall and Distributed Visualization Sy

Feb 9, 2015 1:01:00 AM

IRVINE, Calif., February 9, 2015 (PR Newswire) – Hiperwall, a developer of cutting-edge video wall and distributed visualization software, today announced a new version of Hiperwall that provides fault tolerance to withstand the failure of any component in a Hiperwall system: Hiperwall FT 4.0.

Hiperwall FT 4.0 offers the ability to run two simultaneous control stations, each with full control capabilities. As long as either of the control stations remains operational, the full Hiperwall system will continue to operate. If one control station fails, the remaining control station will continue to manage the operation of the Hiperwall system. When the failed control station is restarted or replaced, it will automatically resynchronize with the surviving control station to restore the system to fault tolerant status.

High availability for video wall systems is a valuable option for many organizations but it is essential for organizations in mission-critical fields, such as national security, law enforcement, military, transportation and utilities," said Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Hiperwall. “Hiperwall FT 4.0 offers significant value to our customers by providing fault tolerance.”

Hiperwall 4.0 will be available in a standard edition or the fault tolerant edition. Both editions will include the capabilities of Hiperwall 3.1 plus these new features:

  • Hiperwall 4.0 has a new video engine that provides significantly improved functionality and increased performance. As a result, Hiperwall 4.0 is capable of playing 4K video on display computers based on Intel® ivy bridge core i3 processors or better.
  • Previous versions of Hiperwall had the ability to support multiple video walls that are part of a single Hiperwall system. Hiperwall 4.0 extends these capabilities by allowing the user to turn each individual wall on or off without affecting the other video walls. This benefit offers an organization greater flexibility in various situations, such as when an individual wall is not needed or if the wall’s content should be not seen by certain viewers or visitors. In addition, different bezel compensation settings can be set for each individual video wall within a multi-wall system so that objects viewed on video walls with various bezels sizes can display properly.
  • Hiperwall 4.0 provides the ability to customize the user interface by setting and locking in the size and location of the control panel and the control screen for greater viewing convenience.

New customers may purchase either Hiperwall ST (Standard Edition) 4.0 or Hiperwall FT (Fault Tolerant) 4.0. Existing Hiperwall customers with current subscriptions are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to Hiperwall ST 4.0 or they may purchase an upgrade to Hiperwall FT 4.0. For more information, contact Hiperwall at, +1-888-520-1760 (US Toll Free) or +1-949-335-7420 (International).

About Hiperwall Inc.
Hiperwall develops video wall software used by customers in more than 50 countries around the world in the command and control, lobby and meeting room, digital signage, education and entertainment market segments. Our software is used to save lives, improve security, enrich communication, foster branding, improve sales, enhance instruction and enliven entertainment experiences. Hiperwall provides full situational awareness for real-time decision support. Hiperwall’s cutting-edge technology allows the user to look at multiple content sources on one video wall and change the views instantly as needed. Video feeds and data may be displayed on a single video wall, distributed throughout a facility, sent from a remote location to others around the world, or a combination of all three. Hiperwall is a flexible, hardware-agnostic, scalable, easy to use and affordable solution that enables organizations of any size to have access to video wall technology. For more information, visit

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