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Hiperwall Announces Share Server for Global Collaboration

Jun 17, 2014 12:48:00 AM

June 17, 2014 – Hiperwall, developers of next generation video wall and distributed visualization systems, today announces the availability of their Share Server software. This new product provides an unprecedented level of collaboration between command and control centers, conference rooms, executive suites, government agencies and other venues – whether they’re on the other side of town or the other side of the globe.

Hiperwall’s Screen Sender software has always supported situational awareness by displaying on the control room video wall real-time information that originates from ordinary programs running on ordinary computers located anywhere in the world. This has been a compelling solution for customers with a single Hiperwall system.

As our user base has grown, we’ve gained many global customers who use multiple Hiperwall systems and who would like to be able to share content feeds among these multiple Hiperwall systems all over the world. The new Share Server product answers that need.

Hiperwall CEO Jeff Greenberg elaborates: “The new Share Server acts as a conference call bridge for Hiperwall systems. From anywhere in the world, multiple Hiperwall Screen Senders can deliver information to the Share Server, which then forwards these feeds to multiple Hiperwall systems, also located anywhere in the world – this is a big win for organizations who need real-time collaboration across town or spanning several continents and time zones.”

By allowing the Screen Senders to be shared among multiple Hiperwall systems, the Share Server software significantly extends the functionality of the Hiperwall Screen Sender, while maintaining all of these capabilities that the Screen Sender has always provided:

  • The ability to monitor live information from Screen Senders around the world, by watching local “shadow” images of the information that appears on the screens of the source computers
  • The ability to control these source computers through our included KVM function, which enables control room personnel to remotely operate the Screen Sender computers
  • Protection of in-transit data through SSL authentication and encryption.

The Hiperwall Share Server software provides a valuable addition to the situational awareness and decision support systems within multi-site organizations, or between cooperating companies or agencies. The Share Server can be easily added to existing Hiperwall deployments, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of multi-site collaboration.

About Hiperwall Inc.
Hiperwall develops video wall software used by customers in more than 50 countries around the world in the command and control, lobby and meeting room, digital signage, education and entertainment market segments. Our software is used to save lives, improve security, enrich communication, foster branding, improve sales, enhance instruction and enliven entertainment experiences. Hiperwall provides full situational awareness for real-time decision support. Hiperwall’s cutting-edge technology allows the user to look at multiple content sources on one video wall and change the views instantly as needed. Video feeds and data may be displayed on a single video wall, distributed throughout a facility, sent from a remote location to others around the world, or a combination of all three. Hiperwall is a flexible, hardware-agnostic, scalable, easy to use and affordable solution that enables organizations of any size to have access to video wall technology. For more information, visit

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