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Hiperwall Releases Video Wall Software Version 5.1 -- Provides Enhanced Usability and Security Features

Jun 5, 2018 8:00:00 AM

In addition to new features, the latest update to Hiperwall software includes stability improvements and minor bug fixes.

IRVINE, Calif., June 6, 2018 -- Hiperwall, Inc., an industry leader in commercialized LED video wall technology, is announcing Hiperwall software version 5.1 designed with real-time search control panel, tree-expand/collapse buttons, improved SmartSnap capabilities, and built-in KVM windows.  The new features complement Hiperwall’s current robust user access controls, tracking tools, and detailed authorization levels that give administrators full control of content access.

New Features Include:

  • Added control in HiperAccess – Allows the administrator to control who can access specific named environments.
  • A mini-map in the Controller viewer window provides a small zoom-able view of the entire video wall system. This feature simplifies navigating, viewing, and controlling Hiperwall systems with multiple walls, very large array walls, or very spread out video wall layouts. (Only available in the Hiperwall Premium suite, or the Core Suite with the HiperLayout add-on.)
  • Secure, built-in KVM windows allow direct management and maintenance of computers dedicated to HiperView. (HiperView software controls the video wall's display devices). This eliminates the need to use outside software to manage the system which streamlines operation and improves security.
  • A real-time, searchable content list in the software’s control panel makes it easier to quickly access the document or tool needed.
  • Tree expand/collapse buttons in the system’s control panel’s content tree frees up space.
  • Easy content swap – Quickly swap the size and position of two objects on the Hiperwall video wall controller. Stage content in small windows and swap them with larger content on display.
  • Improved SmartSnap capabilities with anchor point snapping. Clicking one corner of an object will snap that corner to the grid while maintaining the opposite corner’s position. This adds another level of precision in positioning an object.
  • Content targeting – Send a piece of content to a specified wall. Allows greater layout control and prevents disruption of other walls in the system.

“We are constantly improving Hiperwall software to make it easier and more secure for video wall designers and operators of all kinds – from control room video wall to digital signage and from education to entertainment – build and manage cost-efficient video wall solutions.” said Tom Scott, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc. “

About Hiperwall, Inc.
Hiperwall, Inc., a leading company in next generation video wall systems and distributed visualization software technology, is transforming the industry by eliminating the need for specialized servers, matrix switches, tangled cables and time-consuming training in favor of a solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the budget. Hiperwall has eliminated these barriers by developing a software-based video wall system that is completely hardware agnostic, allowing users to deploy systems with nothing more than commonly available PCs, monitors and network equipment. For more information, visit

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Catherine Scott
Written by Catherine Scott

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