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Insight Joins with Hiperwall To Market Their IP-Based Video Wall Solutions

Mar 8, 2019 9:11:32 AM

IRVINE – January 1, 2019 – Hiperwall is pleased to announce that Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ:NSIT), the global systems integrator of Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™ for organizations of all sizes, have joined together to sell and market the Hiperwall software collaboration platform for the video wall business segment. The partnership gives Insight access to Hiperwall’s leading-edge video wall software portfolio of unified visualization and collaboration solutions.

Since 2008, Hiperwall has simplified the implementation and enhanced the capabilities of a flexible and expandable video wall software solution. Today, Hiperwall enables Insight to deliver advanced and industry-leading collaborative solutions to their business clients.

“Insight is one of the industry’s leading network service providers and has a proven track record of performing for their selling partners and suppliers,” said Steve Woo, vice president, sales and business development at Hiperwall. “All of us at Hiperwall are looking forward to working with the Insight team and supporting their selling partners with our exceptional customer service and our robust portfolio of solutions that help businesses thrive.”

“Corporate environments designed for the modern worker and impactful customer interactions provide rich, immersive experiences,” said Bob Kane, senior vice president of product marketing, Insight. “Hiperwall’s transformative video-wall systems and distributed visualization software encourage greater interactivity, which fits naturally with our Insight Managed Collaboration solutions that promote teamwork, productivity and optimized customer engagement.”

Hiperwall is a video wall software platform that provides a suite of intuitive tools that help businesses collaborate and investigate issues in real time from any content source. Hiperwall has invested considerably in national channel growth, bringing on and promoting several seasoned channel executives, and creating an exclusive service provisioning team for agent partners.

About Hiperwall

Hiperwall is a software-based distributed visualization system that makes it easy to build high- performance, scalable video walls from off-the-shelf computers, any type of display and a typical gigabit LAN. Unlike legacy, proprietary, hardware systems, Hiperwall’s distributed software architecture eliminates cost and complexity barriers, enabling more customers to benefit from cutting-edge technology.

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